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1. Is a battery included in my purchase?
Yes! Our heated apparel include: 1 x Heated Apparel. 1 x Lithium-ion Battery (5200 mAh, 7.4 V),. 1 x USB-C Charger (input voltage: 100-240V) + UK & EU travel adapters. 1 x User Manual (English, French, Spanish).
2. Can I wear it on the plane or put it in carry-on bags?
Yes. All GearWrench heated apparel is TSA-friendly. Please be noted that all original batteries are lithium batteries and they must be carried with the passenger in carry-on baggage as per FAA's Pack Safe policies (Federal Aviation Administration).
3. What’s the difference between body size and clothing size?
Body size means the measurement of your body parts, while clothing size means the measurement of the apparel.
4. Can I wash the heated apparel?
All GearWrench Heated Apparel is machine washable! Please read the provided instructions before washing. Tips:
  • Disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper pocket.
  • Make sure you put the connector cable back and close the zipper pocket.
  • Place your jacket inside a mesh laundry bag.
  • Machine-wash it. (No dry cleaning/Cold and gentle cycle/Do not bleach)
  • Dry it. (Do not wring or twist/Line dry/Do not iron/Do not tumble dry)
5. How long does the heating last?
The following heat times assume you have a fully-charged battery: 3 hours on high, 6 hours on medium, or 10 hours on low.
6. Is my apparel compatible with other batteries?
Nope. The original battery is specifically designed and made for GearWrench heated apparel. For safety concerns, you should only use the original UL-certified battery.
7. Will the heated apparel work at temperatures below 32℉/0℃?
Yes, it will still work well. However, if you’re going to spend a lot of time in sub-zero temperatures, we recommend you purchase a spare battery so you don’t run out of the heat!
8. WCan I ski in it?
Of course! GearWrnech apparel is made for indoor and outdoor activities in a cold climate. Our apparel is great for hiking, tailgating, motorcycle riding, fishing, and more!
9. Do you offer customization on the jackets, vests, or hoodies?
Yes, we do offer customization on heated apparel. Please contact us at support@gwheated.com to get started.
10. Is the apparel fire-retardant?
At this time, our apparel is not fire retardant.
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